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Our Mission

As our customers have told us: “It seems as if your competition is trying to find creative ways to take our money, and your company is trying to find creative ways to save us money.”  Our mission is to help our customer's businesses to thrive.  We are committed to supplying products of the highest quality, and at the most reasonable prices-then our company will succeed! 

Company Profile
In 1995, PDS Services LLC was founded by Ferdinand Schlapper after the sale of his LTC pharmacy, Innovative Pharmacy Services (IPS).  IPS was the first non-institutional pharmacy to use the Baxter ATC-212 to package unit dose and multi dose medication packs. In 1999, one of our competitors made the announcement to discontinue support for the ATC212™  users, as of December 2001.  PDS Services LLC then made the decision to expand, and offer nationwide service for those ATC212™  users that did not want to abandon their technology and move on to new, costly equipment.  At the same time, PDS was able to develop packaging materials which were compatible with the new machines.  Then, as the need for ATC-212 support wound down over the years-our focus became supplying past and new customers wanting to reduce costs, with consumables.  We have grown our business with the support of our loyal customer base, and are now looking to welcome new customers!   

For more information contact us at:
Toll Free: (800) 784-4552
Telephone: (608) 278-8804
FAX: (608) 278-1248

Mailing address:
1124 Stewart Street
Madison, WI 53713


ATC, ATC212™, ATCPROFILE, FDS-330, FDS-520 and ATCPLUS are registered trademarks of Automed Technologies Inc.
PDS Services LLC is not affiliated in any way with Automed Technologies Inc.


Our products are:

  • Certified according to FDA regulations

  • Of exceptionally high quality

  • Made of the best raw materials to ensure long term stability

  • Produced in clean environments

  • Vacuum sealed & packed with desiccants


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